It is worth noting that the maximum rental period for any vehicle is three days or 72 hours. However, if a user requires a longer rental period, they must notify us beforehand and ensure that their account has sufficient credit to cover the entire lease.

Each vehicle in the Avant2Go fleet has a maximum daily rental price, which is calculated based on the aggregate sum of kilometers driven and rental minutes. It is pertinent to mention that after a certain limit is reached, the rental price will not increase any further within 24 hours of the commencement of the rental.

Outlined below are the daily rental prices for the Avant2Go vehicles:
- Smart ForTwo: €29/24h
- Smart ForFour: €29/24h
- Renault Zoe (41kWh): €38/24h
- Renault Zoe (52kWh): €48/24h
- VW e-Golf: €40/24h
- BMW i3: €42/24h
- Fiat 500e: €38/24h
- Renault Twingo: €32/24h
- Peugeot e-208: €45/24h
- Peugeot e-2008: €48/24h

For the Avant2Go vans, the daily rental price is:
- Peugeot e-Expert: €59/24h
- Opel Vivaro-e: €59/24h