You can find the price list for Avant2Go car sharing night tariff at this link:

The night tariff is applicable seven days a week, including weekends, from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

The advantage of the night tariff is that it costs less to rent a vehicle during these hours, while the price per kilometer remains the same as the daily tariff. Below are the prices for renting individual vehicles per minute during the night tariff:
- Smart ForTwo: €0.017/min
- Smart ForFour: €0.017/min
- Renault Zoe (41 kWh): €0.024/min
- Renault Zoe (52 kWh): €0.024/min
- VW e-Golf: €0.026/min
- Renault Twingo: €0.017/min
- Fiat 500e: €0.024/min
- BMW i3: €0.030/min
- Peugeot e-208: €0.024/min
- Peugeot e-2008: €0.024/min

- Peugeot e-Expert: €0.020/min
- Opel Vivaro-e: €0.020/min