Car sharing allows the users to:

- Reduce the cost of their mobility, as they no longer bear the financial burden of owning a vehicle, but take advantage of the service and pay for it only when they use it.
- Registration, insurance, fuel, maintenance, vignette, loss of value, free parking at Avant2Go points and similar are already included in the service.
- The simplicity of using the Avant2Go service, which takes place via a user-friendly, innovative application on a smartphone (everything from vehicle reservation to rental payment can be done via the application).
- It provides access to the vehicle network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at pre-known and marked locations where vehicles are picked up and returned.
Avant2Go car sharing uses 100% electric vehicles from established manufacturers only. All of the vehicles in the Avant2Go fleet are technologically advanced, reliable and easy to use.