The Avant2Go car-sharing fleet includes the BMW i3, VW e-Golf, Renault Zoe, Renault Twingo, Fiat 500e, Smart For Four Electric Drive, and Smart For Two Electric Drive.

Smart Electric Drive for two is recommended for quick errands in the city. The best-selling electric vehicle in Germany in 2014 boasts exceptional handling balance, practical maneuvering, and convenient parking.

If you need more space, Avant2Go offers a compact five-door Renault Zoe with 5 seats, which won the title of the most popular electric car in Europe in 2015. The Renault Zoe features an attractive, modern design, simple use, and a high-capacity battery, making the car suitable for somewhat longer trips outside the city.

The comfortable VW e-Golf offers comfort for five passengers and plenty of cargo space. It is a functional family car with a responsive engine and it is easy to drive without tiring.

The AvantCar car-sharing family also comprises a compact BMW i3, a four-seat premium choice with a high-capacity 125 kV electric motor, offering a proverbially enjoyable experience of driving, the smallest turning circle in its class and a lightweight design due to the systemic application of carbon fibers, making the i3 the first car in large series production using this technology.